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About The Program

As Colorado’s first social equity dispensary, we are introducing Be.Social Community. Our company is focused on connecting with the local community and we are clearing the smoke on the social issues that have historically been overlooked. Be.Social Community is setting a new standard in engagement as we listen to Coloradans, share their stories, and help our communities

Ready to be a part of the movement? Be.Social Community works with local nonprofit organizations that are committed to Social Justice and Social Equity. We have partnered with dozens of local cannabis companies who are also dedicated to helping support those people and communities that have been negatively impacted by the war against cannabis.

The Be.Social Community campaign will donate a portion of sales from select cannabis products. Below is a list of our generous partners who are contributing:

Why is Be.Social Give Back so important?

Our founders experienced the consequences of cannabis prohibition first hand, but they also realize that they are the lucky ones. There are many communities still suffering from the lasting impacts of the prohibition of marijuana.

We believe that the cannabis industry must be more accessible to those that it has traditionally left behind and we are here to help.

Featured Charities

In the spirit of second chances and redemption, we have partnered with Ananeo, an organization that helps former inmates reintegrate into their communities.

“Ananeo simply means: to renew, and that’s exactly what we want. Ananeo spaces seek to provide a fresh start in life in order to allow people to restore and redeem their story. By providing top of the line community apartments alongside providing a continuum of resources and care, Ananeo believes anyone can start over and build a life worth living. Every human being, regardless of their past deserves dignity and opportunity. Sometimes we must see it in our surroundings before we believe it in our hearts. Ananeo seeks to ensure the opportunity to start over is equal and restorative.”

Social Cannabis and Ananeo will work together to create a mentorship program and job opportunities for former inmates looking to get into the cannabis industry.

Continuing our theme of working with organizations that are helping people harmed by the war on cannabis, we will be working with Expunge Colorado, which helps people get previous criminal records expunged. Anyone who has ever had an arrest or incarceration on their record, knows the difficulty that record can present in day-to-day life.

“Nuvolution LTD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization advancing the work of nonprofit and social enterprise by connecting organizations to the resources they need to build a better world. Our goal is to help develop and support sustainable social enterprises that address and solve critical social problems within the cannabis community, while simultaneously empowering volunteers and activists through networking opportunities, educational initiatives and community engagement. By connecting a diverse range of skilled and committed activists with organizations and social enterprises at the progressive forefront, we are committed to advancing the health, wellness, enlightenment and sustainability of our industry, our communities and our world.”